Welcome to Bully Creek Kennels. We are a small breeder with French Bulldog Puppies for sale in Alabama and surrounding areas. We raise quality French Bulldogs and breed to the AKC standard. Our goal is to improve the breed, produce show potential Frenchies and wonderful companions. All of our litters are carefully planned and we focus on health, temperament and conformation. 
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If you are new to the breed then be forewarned..the Frenchie is an addictive dog! I think their sole purpose in life is to make people laugh (and be pampered of course). They are a very easy-going breed, require only a small amount of exercise and are happy anywhere from the farm to an apartment. They are a brachycephalic breed, which means that they are flat-faced and have a harder time breathing than dogs with more of a snout, so care should be taken in hot weather. They can't cool themselves very efficiently and can over heat quickly, which means that they must live indoors. They are a very intelligent dog but can be a bit...lets say persistent (its a nicer word than stubborn) and can sometimes be harder to train than other breeds. They were bred to be a companion dog and are happiest when by the side of their owner. Make sure you do your research and become familiar with all of the health concerns that come with the breed. Well bred Frenchies don't usually have severe issues, but they are genetically predisposed, like all pure bred dogs, to several conditions. The fact that they are considered both Brachycephalic (short faced) and Chondrodysplastic (dwarf) can cause issues to pop up in even the best bred dogs.  Below is a rundown of some common things that come up when researching French Bulldogs: 


Make sure to research your breeder. If at all possible visit their home/kennel and see the conditions that their dogs are living in. If a breeder will not let you visit and insists on meeting you somewhere to pick up your puppy that is a red flag. Always ask to see the parents of the puppies, there are "puppy brokers" out there that will buy an entire litter from someone (usually a puppy mill) and then resell them as their own. These are generally poor bred dogs with no regard to health or the AKC breed standard, they are simply produced to try and make a dollar. If you live too far to visit ask for pictures and references. If you are going to have your puppy shipped to you, know that air cargo is not a safe mode of transport for these dogs. There are "puppy nanny" services that will fly with your puppy and meet you at the airport, this is a much better option because the pups fly in the cabin and someone is there taking care of them the entire flight. It can be a little inconvenient but this service usually costs about the same price charged to fly them as cargo. Ground transport is also an option, there are several good companies that make frequent stops and take good care of them. The downside to this is that it can be expensive and it can sometimes be a very long trip for the puppy. We do not ship puppies. French Bulldogs are expensive. Expect to pay $2000-$3000 for a limited registration pet puppy and more if you are looking for full registration. Most responsible breeders do not offer full registration for every puppy. Full registration simply gives you the right to show and breed your dog, if the dog is not of show/breeding quality then that should not be an option. Breeders that offer full registration with every puppy are not concerned with improving the breed. Be weary of low priced puppies and overly expensive ones. It costs a lot to raise a litter of puppies, Frenchies need to be artificially inseminated and have c-sections. They should also be fed a high quality food and be kept in a clean, climate controlled environment. When puppies are priced too low you have to wonder what they are skimping on or if they already have health issues. On the other hand, no one should pay $5000 or more for puppy. If you are paying that price then the Sire/Dam should have an amazing pedigree and a lifetime guarantee! Here is a guide to judging French Bulldogs, it provides a lot technical stuff for show judges but also some general information and good pictures/sketches of correct and incorrect conformation to keep in mind in your search for a good Frenchie:

Bully Creek  Kennel

They snore (also very true, they actually produce a

multitude of odd noises, such as snorting and "yodeling" so if you like it quiet you may want to reconsider).

They require a lot of attention (very true, be prepared

to spend your time at home with a frenchie under foot

everywhere you go, they hate to be left out and think

that the only reason you sit or lay down is to give them


They fart (unfortunately true as well, they are also

known to burp and occasionally throw up, although a good quality food and limiting physical exertion after eating can minimize this somewhat).

They have allergies (thank goodness we don't

experience allergies with our dogs, but have knownplenty of Frenchies that suffer from them...so true).

They are stubborn (as I mentioned above, true.

Although very intelligent they can be hard to train and it takes a lot of patience and persistence).

They can't swim (true, their build and muscularity

make it almost impossible for them to swim for any

distance. They may start out good but it goes badly

quick for them. Worst part is they love water and

usually don't realize they can't swim).

They are clowns (most definitely true, they are happy,

silly, weird little characters that will make you laugh

even through the stubborness, snoring, flatulence,

neediness and other oddities that come with Frenchie

ownership. Crazy as it sounds you will wonder how

you survived without them and will never want to

without one again).

All in all they are a fantastic breed, not for everyone, but we are definitely hooked